Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beach time with baby

When traveling with your baby you need to keep in mind that your travels will be different now. More low-keyed so don't over schedule your days. Baby will need to eat and nap on schedule so plan accordingly. A great trip to take with babies and toddlers and even older kids, is a beach vacation. There is still plenty of beach time left in the year so plan your trip now.

A beach vacation can be a pleasure for every family member. It's a perfect mix of relaxation and enjoyment. The ocean is calming, the air invigorating, and everyone on the trip will be guaranteed a good night's sleep after a day at the beach.

When traveling to the beach make sure you have lounge chairs, a nice sturdy chair if you are nursing your baby and need to sit up, blankets or a Neat Sheet, plenty of towels, sunscreen (remember to reapply throughout the day), wide brimmed hats and sunglasses, sand pails, shovels, sieves, a pail with a cover for catching interesting beach wildlife (but make sure you return all creatures back to their natural habitat at the end of the day), swimming suits, plus a sweatshirt in case the weather turns, life jackets, and plenty of food and fresh water to keep well hydrated in the sun. Make sure you have enough baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, food, and formula, to last for your day at the beach. Also, bring along something to dispose of the used diapers - never leave a dirty diaper on the beach or in or near the water! If baby will be napping there, make sure you bring along a covered pack 'n play or portable tent so baby can sleep out of the sun.

There are many great beaches in the U.S.

California: If you are planning a trip to California, San Diego has some of the state's most pristine sandy beaches, with wide open shores. Try Coronado or Mission Bay for the best bets with families. Plus San Diego has lots of other family activities to engage in. Further North is Dana Point located in Orange County near San Juan has a Festival of Whales every March and is worth the trip. Mother's Beach is close to Venice Beach but is a tranquil and peaceful beach even on busy days. Monterey, 40 miles south of San Francisco is a family fun beach town. There are trails, a beautiful rocky shoreline, and views of the mountains. Families can rent kayaks, watch the seals, or visit the aquarium. Stinson Beach, near the Golden Gate bridge is 3 1/2 miles of sand for great swimming, surfing, and sunbathing.

Texas: South Padre Island is the best know Texas beach with 30 miles of beautiful beaches. This is a great family destination but make sure you time your trip around college spring break times.

Florida: With the entire state surrounded by ocean, there is sure to be plenty of great beaches. Two of the best beaches, Fort Myers Beach and the beach at Naples have been voted best family beaches and are known for their recreational opportunities and powdery sands. Vero Beach has miles of beach plus woodland pathways, turtle quests, surfing, kayaking and unique shopping. Crescent Beach offers miles of uncrowded beaches, dolphins swimming along the coast and other surprises. If you are planning a beach vacation to Florida with your children you must check out this website for the best information: Family Travel Files. When you get to their website click on Beaches and Florida. This site has very detailed information and is a great resource.


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