Thursday, August 7, 2008


Are you looking for that perfect emergency baby/toddler outfit? Well look no more. BabySpareWear is the perfect kit for you and we have them at JetSetBabies .

Each kit includes a pre-packed spare tee and play pant inside a hip and fun, zip-up travel case. In style, hip, and the most practical idea we have come across in a while! “Baby Spare Wear” - This is exactly what your little guy or gal needs, a spare outfit for all those "emergency" times!

babysparewear, inc. has the modern solution to the essential spare outfit for baby and toddler. We call it functional fashion: cozy cotton separates packed in ready-to-go travel kits. It's everything you need for those pint-sized "fashion emergencies."

babysparewear™ is the designated spare outfit for baby. The idea is simple yet sophisticated. It's the stylish evolution of the "emergency" spare outfit. Each kit is pre-packed in a chic travel case and designed to simplify on-the-go leaks and spills. babysparewear looks smart on baby—and even smarter on mom.

Several celebs are fans and users of Baby Sparewear. Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie have the chic black 3-piece set. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony have the same Fashion Fix kits in the Cordura Chic sky blue as well as the blush pink heart for their twins. Salma Hayek is also well prepared for jet setting with a pink and fuchia kit for little Valentina.

Keep a spare everywhere! In the baby bag, in the car, or at the sitter's, babysparewear prepares mom for the inevitable.

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