Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby proofing your hotel room

Baby proofing your hotel room does not need to be as extensive as your home, buy by taking a few simple steps can help your baby stay safe when on vacation.

Start by calling the hotel you are staying at and asking them what steps they can take ahead of time to baby proof your room. Some hotels will provide things like outlet plugs, toilet latches, drawer locks and other items.

Bring along a roll of blue painters tape, outlet plugs (if not provided by the hotel), a toilet latch and some twist ties. These few simple household items can baby proof in no time.

Upon arriving to your hotel, begin by removing anything dangerous that is in your child's reach. Also, check the television and stand and make sure its sturdy enough should baby pull himself/herself up on it. You can tape down electrical cords with the blue tape.

Look for small items that baby could put in his or her mouth - check under the bed, in drawers, and under all furniture.

Move drapery cords up out of baby's reach or tie them up using a twist tie.

Keep the bathroom door closed at all times, or else drape a towel over the top so the door doesn't slam shut on baby's fingers.

You can use the tape to tape shut any drawers you don't want baby to be able to open.

Close and lock all windows and doors, especially patio doors.

Use the blue tape to pad any sharp corners.

If the hotel has provided you with a crib, check it carefully for safety. Make sure the mattress fits tight. Never use a mattress in a pack 'n play as the stretchy sides allow for baby's head to get caught between the sides and the mattress. Check all the railings and bars and make sure everything is tight and in proper working order.

Finally, move any trash cans to the top of dressers or tables or in closets. It's easy to forget and throw something in the trash that your child can dig out and put in their mouth.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New product - perfect for travel with baby

We recently had a customer special request this item and after doing a little bit of research - we decided to add it to our growing inventory of great travel products. It's called the Medela Quick Clean Micro Steam Bags and comes in a box containing 5 bags. You use the to clean breast pump parts and nipples or pacifiers by just adding a little bit of water and steaming in the microwave. Each bag can be reused up to 20 times. How convenient for traveling with your little ones - even for cleaning pacifiers that get dropped all over town. (When we traveled to New York City I wanted to Steam Clean my kids!)

I read reviews on other websites that sell this product and they were all glowing, so we've decided to add them. You can find them at JetSetBabies in the bottle section of our site.