Monday, November 29, 2010

Breastfeeding During the Holidays...

Welcoming a child into the world is a joyous event, and now that your baby is here, you are busy taking care of him or her. Breastfeeding is a vital way you can connect with your infant immediately, but it can be hard to make time for this activity during the busy holiday season. While the holidays are a time to indulge, it’s important you eat properly.

If you are traveling, it may be hard to find time to breastfeed. Set aside one feeding and find a quiet place to feed, such as your room.

Family members might be tempted to give you advice or give your infant a treat. If you know your child is not ready for soft, solid foods, be sure to tell your family that and politely thank them for their advice.

While you may be tempted to skip a feeding here or there, don’t wait until your child is fussy or crying for food. Signs your infant is hungry include:

  • Moving head from side to side

  • Opening mouth

  • Puckering lips

  • Putting fingers or foot in mouth

  • Nuzzling against your chest

  • Stretching

If your infant exhibits any of these signs, try finding a moment to feed him or her. You and your husband know what is best for your baby.

Have a fun and safe holiday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy "Healthy" Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s meant to be spent enjoying time with family, as well as great food. Here are ways you can work with your family to prevent overeating and remain healthy throughout the holiday season.

Set a great example while still having a wonderful Thanksgiving feast this year:

1. Make a list and check it twice. Before heading to the supermarket, plan your Thanksgiving meal.

2. Bring the kids along. Have your children help you select fresh fruits and vegetables they’d like to try.

3. Use smaller plates. A small plate will fill up faster and help you and your children avoid grabbing more than you need.

4. Try it all. If you really want everything that’s being served, you may keep going back for more if you don’t satisfy your craving. Instead of getting full servings of each thing you’d like, have a small bite of each.

5. Veg out. Eat very small amounts of the heavy stuff and load up on a veggie tray, salad or roasted seasonal veggies, you’ll be doing great things for your health.

6. Don’t drink your calories. Choosing water, sugar free drinks, or skim milk can help to limit the excess in calories and weight gain that often occurs this time of year.

Enjoy your holiday week!!!

Reviewed by Lori Walton, R.N., B.S.N., pediatric weight management coordinator at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St.Vincent.