Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Travel for the holidays

Holidays can be fun and exciting, but along with that can come additional stress, especially if there is a new baby in the mix. Traveling long distances via plane or car; changes in eating schedules; sleeping in a new environment; as well as changes to the sleeping schedule are just a few of the stresses that can affect your family's holiday.

Colleen from Travel Mama's has written a great piece called "How to Survive Visiting Family During the Holidays". The story contains information on sleeping arrangements, baby proofing, and scheduling your visit times.

The most important thing about holiday traveling is to not overbook your time so that you are constantly on the go. Try to keep baby on a normal napping schedule, and if time allows, mom and dad should nap, too! Finally, relax and have fun. Create special moments with your family to start a lifetime of holiday memories with your child.