Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plan for your next ski trip...

Whooga is widely recognized as the world’s fastest growing boutique brand of ugg boots. They stand proud as an alternative brand for chilli toes seeking something a little warmer than normal. They have achieve this legendary warmth and comfort with thermorfleece which offers a number of benefits over traditional ugg boots. - Whooga is an internationally trademarked brand - The fastest growing winter footwear brand for the past 4 years - A passion for fashion and creating the worlds warmest boots - We warm ten's of thousands of toes every single day.

I couldn’t agree more on the warmth and luxury of these boots. Whooga sent me a pair of Short chocolate ugg boots to review. For all those mom's out there that are looking for the most comfortable and warm boot I FOUND THEM!!!! From the moment I slipped them on I was in heaven. Whooga ugg boots warm your toes faster with lavishly thick thermofleece. Each pair of boots features luscious twin faced merino fleece, is double stitched for durability, shapes to the natural contours of your feet and is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply enter 2CW804687 into the gift card section of your shopping cart for 10% off.

When you buy them for your next ski trip don't forget to order - Week on the slopes for the kids! Perfect for a week long vacation at the slopes with baby in tow. This package makes ordering so convenient by having everything you need with one click. You just need to add the formula, baby food, and snacks that are specific to your baby's diet, check out and you are ready to go. A little something for you and baby!

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