Thursday, September 24, 2009

Need help with holiday travel - Check out Travel Mamas

While planning our two holiday trips this year, we are driving to South Caroline for Thanksgiving and flying to Florida for Christmas, I was a little nervous as how to travel with a 2 year old and a 7 month old. How do I keep them entertained on the drive? Do I buy one or two extra seats on the airplane? Airline tips? Will I forget anything? And who better to ask then mamas who have done it before!!! Travel Mamas was a great resource for me, I found a ton of tips and advise from other mom's. I was able to learn a lot from their travel tip page such as; what to bring, how to dress my kids and what snacks to pack. Their was also a great check list that was very helpful – when you are packing for 4 people sometimes you forget that you need socks. As you all know there a lot of things that go through your mind while planning a trip and sometimes it easy to forget the small things. Thanks Colleen at Travel Mamas for all her help, tips and advise I am very excited for my first holiday travels with my husband and two children.

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