Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel to Australia with a baby

We often have moms traveling to Australia with an infant that are very nervous about the long trip with such a little one. Who wouldn't be nervous. I was nervous on a two-hour plane trip with my baby, wondering what I would do if they screamed the entire trip. I've never flown internationally with my children, so unfortunately, I'm not much help in this area.

However, I've located a website from a seasoned traveled Mom who knows all about flying to Australia with a baby and she has a great resources on her website. The website is Lucy Loves Australia and her story is called "Lots more info on flying to Australia with babies and toddlers". It contains great information and even some tips on dealing with the jet lag. If you are planning any long trip with your babies, it's well worth the read!

Also, we get many calls on whether you can ship food and formula to Australia. The answer is YES. It's a bit tricky because there are some special documents that are required by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service and there is a weight limit on the amount you can ship ahead into the country, but we have done it successfully many times.

So relax moms, and go ahead and keep planning that trip of a lifetime!!! It can be done.


Fraser said...

We recently flew down under from the UK with a three month old and a three year old. Dreaded the worst but wasn't too bad. Went very well with the baby - we had a bassinet and bulk head seats - of course our three year old was bored / excited but could sleep well in the seat so all in all not as bad as feared.

Holiday Accommodation UK said...

australia is pretty safe to travel with babies.

Dexter Nicholson said...

Well actually, it is quite difficult to travel with a baby going to anywhere. Being on a plane makes it a lot harder but when you arrive in Australia, it is for sure that the whole family will have a great time. There are a lot of good places to take your baby or leave the baby in case of trips that will only be for the couple. there are tons of kid centers or baby sitter that you can depend on

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