Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Affordable lodging options for your family vacation

Renting an apartment, renting university housing, or house swapping is a very affordable way to get in that family vacation you've dreamed of. Renting an apartment or a home can be much less money than paying for a hotel room. If you are traveling overseas, you may find that the cost savings will allow you to extend your stay even longer, making your trip a more memorable one.

In addition to the cheaper lodging costs, having access to a full kitchen to prepare your own meals can save a bundle. When traveling with children, eating out can not only be expensive, but can be difficult with fidgety kids, or pickey eaters. Having a space to prepare your own meals is much more affordable and you can make sure that kids get the meals they like and eat well while traveling.

Having access to separate bedrooms also makes sure everyone gets a good night sleep and children can take scheduled naps, adding to the enjoyment of everyone's vacation.

Some houses or apartments may also have laundry facilities allowing you to pack much lighter and save on baggage fees. JetSetBabies can ship packages to most home rentals by shipping directly to the management company that overseas the rentals or by schedule specific date and time deliveries with the carrier, basically, scheduling the package to deliver on your arrival date.

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