Sunday, January 25, 2009

Latest in baby travel gear - the POP-A-TOT

The lastest baby travel gear item is now available at JetSetBabies, and its wonderful. The Pop-A-Tot is a portable stationary activity center for babies 6-18 months. PopATot gives you a safe environment for your child when you're busy doing something else; and it goes everywhere! Literally, take it everywhere, because you never know when you need a safe place for your child. The perfect travel gear for baby - use it in your hotel room, at the beach, at the park. PopATotTM opens and closes in seconds with one hand -- while you hold your child with the other. This high quality sports gear for your child comes with a shoulder bag and is perfect for camping, backyards, baseball and soccer games, Grandma's house, the beach, or wherever you need a safe place for your child. It's the most practical baby sports gear in your collection of kids stuff.

We tried one out before offering to our customers and we loved it - as did the children of the moms who work for JetSetBabies. Its light (only 8 pounds) and compacts small and comes with a tote bag for easy carrying. It sets up easily and has loops to tie down baby's toys, and has cup holders for babies drinks and snacks.

We think you'll love it, too! And for a limited time, we have it on-sale so check it out today.

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