Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Introduction to JetSetBabies

JetSetBabies opened its "doors" for business on February 13, 2003...but the concept was born way before than. In March of 2001, I was taking a trip to Phoenix with my two children, Aaron, then 7, and Anna was just 7 months. While trying to figure out how I was going to pack and carry all my baby supplies by myself, I thought I could probably buy baby supplies on-line and ship them directly to my vacation destination. Well, I searched the web and couldn't find a company that specialized in providing that service, so instead, I bought some baby food, diapers, and other groceries at NetGrocer and sent them ahead. Needless to say, it was fabulous to have a huge box of supplies waiting for me when I arrived and not having had to carry them.

When I returned from my trip, I mentioned to a friend what I had done, and happened to say that I was surprised I couldn't find a company that did only that. She turned to me and said - "Why don't we do it". And so the company http://www.jetsetbabies.com/ was born. We spent several months building a website, choosing products, and finding a wholesaler, as well as all the paperwork that goes into starting a new business. We had the JetSetBabies site ready to launch and chose a start date of Oct. 1, 2001. However, in September of 2001, tragedy struck the U.S. and we were apprehensive about how the terrorist attacks would affect the travel industry. We agreed to wait a year before starting our new business. A year lasted a little longer than anticipated, but we turned on the site in February of 2003.

JetSetBabies has not only been a fun and exciting venture for us as business owners, but become a helping hand to traveling parents all over the world. If you've never used our services, we ship diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and hundreds of other baby supplies that you use on a daily basis....directly to your vacation destination so it is waiting upon arrival. No more need to lug heavy suitcases, and pay overweight fees at the airport. No more finding a grocery store in a new city you've never been to before. What a lifesaver for the vacationing parents.

We ship all over the world and we also ship to places within the United States for people coming here from other places in the world.

We also do home delivery of all of our products. We even do home delivery to other parts of the world. Please check us out often.

Happy travels!

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